Almighty – Our Pro-Life Music Video

Pro-Life Music Video

My dad woke up one day and decided to make a Pro-Life music video. Little did I know the inescapable whirlwind his decision would produce.

More than 40 people worked for over two months to create what you can watch here. A Pro-Life video that I feel is a true representation of what really happens.

There are a few cameos by yours truly. My favorite is the coffee shop scene (1:45 in the video). In that scene you can see me in the background building the website the video is now embedded on. We almost broke the space time continuum I think 🙂

My dad, Tom Umstattd, wrote the song and played the guitars. The actors all came from the Austin Rhetoric Club. I tried out for the boyfriend but did not make the cut. The director, Alex Lerma, said I wasn’t be mean enough.

Our hope is that this video will re-energize the church to be actively pro-life. If it saves even one baby it will be a successes. The more it spreads the more impact it can have. Would you share  a link to the video on Facebook? Would you be willing to forward it to a friend?

What did you think when you first saw it? Was it what you were expecting? Leave a comment and let us know.


Thomas Umstattd Jr. is the author of Courtship in Crisis, the former head of, and co-founder of the Austin Rhetoric Club, a homeschool speech and debate club in Austin, Texas. He is a professional speaker and CEO of Author Media. He sits on the board of directors for several nonprofits, including the Texas Alliance for Life.

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5 thoughts on “Almighty – Our Pro-Life Music Video

  1. I so admire the dedication and work that you all have put into this effort and deeply admire your families courage in taking a stand. I pray that much fruit will be born from this and lives will indeed be saved. Congratulations on its completion and release! Many, many blessings to you!

  2. Wow, good job! Love the part about the space-time continuum, lol.

    Also laughing about who ended up with the boyfriend role! (and if he sees this comment, I know it might be considered rude to laugh, given that I only just met him and don’t know him a bit! no offense intended, just general good-humored laughter!)


    Anyway, a great take on the subject. Respectful, peaceable, and heart-piercing. The singer / daughter-to-be looks so joyful through most of it, it paints a powerful picture that choosing abortion cuts off a whole life, a life full of joy and sorrow and potential for great things. A human life.

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