How to Use Skype (New Media Monday)

Chances are you’ve heard someone talking about Skype . But what is it anyway? In short, Skype is a way to call anyone in the world for free. How Skype Works Skype uses a technology called VOIP that uses the Internet to place a phone call instead of a traditional land line.  This cuts the […]

Anouncing: New Media Mondays

One difference between Martin Luther and the reformers who came before him is that Luther used a new technology to spread his message. He also broke from the tradition of writing only in Latin and talked straight to the people. Technology helped Luther change the world. As Christians it is important for us to do […]

How to process twice the email in half the time – Part 2

If you haven’t checked out Part 1 look it over. This post will make more sense if you read that post first. They go into more detail on each point. Here is the cliff notes of a recent Lifehacker article. Their advice is bold My comments are not “Batch” email at set times. This is […]

How to process twice the email in half the time – Part 1

After years of digital coaching I have realized that most people stink at email. Here are the two people I most often encounter: Person A: This person spends hours checking email each week sending and receiving dozens of emails every day. Yet, Person A seems to be always behind in email regardless of how much […]

What is a RSS Feed and how do I use it?

We have all seen this orange icon and likely just ignored it. But this little icon can transform your internet experience. Clicking this icon causes good things to happen. To explain those good things I have found a short 2 minute YoouTube video. RSS in Plain English Using Google Reader (Tutorial) I use google reader. […]