Killing Off Black Americans

There are some issues that define a generation. For our grandfathers that issue was the Nazi slaughter of the Jews. For their grandfathers the issue was slavery. Our generation faces a similar defining issue. Will you be remembered as those who stood up or vegged out? Please watch this 2 minute video: Because of abortion […]

Rick Perry – The Right Man for the Job

Every election cycle people ask me who I support for for various positions. I haven’t decidided on many of the offices yet but one Gov has one clear choice: Rick Perry. I have met him several times and while we don’t agree on everything one thing is for sure: he is Pro-Life and Pro Homeschooling […]

Our Current Economic Crisis

It is important to understand why our economy is not doing well. I wanted to share with you some videos that help explain why we are in this mess. Unfortunately our choices are either paying the price now with a recession or putting the recession off by getting in more debt. The recession might turn […]

Public Agitator (Abolition of Abortion)

The Hill Agitator is agitating on Capital Hill, influencing elected officials toward action. The Public Agitator works in the arena of ideas like the Public Figure , but in a different way. People like the Public Figure . She is attractive, eloquent and convincing. She looks good on camera and people like to listen to […]

Conclusion & Full Abolition of Abortion PDF

Download the PDF If all of these characters have one thing in common, it is devotion. We know little of true devotion today. Many of our founders suffered financial loss and even death in the pursuit of liberty. William Wilberforce gave up his life for the cause of Abolition. Those devoted to abolishing abortion must […]

Minutemen (Abolition of Abortion)

Not everyone is called to advance the cause of the unborn full time. Nor does everyone need to. One of the things that most helped the war for independence was the host of part time volunteers called minutemen. These men were ready at a moments notice to show up where they were needed. They were […]