Public Agitator (Abolition of Abortion)

The Hill Agitator is agitating on Capital Hill, influencing elected officials toward action. The Public Agitator works in the arena of ideas like the Public Figure , but in a different way. People like the Public Figure . She is attractive, eloquent and convincing. She looks good on camera and people like to listen to […]

Conclusion & Full Abolition of Abortion PDF

Download the PDF If all of these characters have one thing in common, it is devotion. We know little of true devotion today. Many of our founders suffered financial loss and even death in the pursuit of liberty. William Wilberforce gave up his life for the cause of Abolition. Those devoted to abolishing abortion must […]

Minutemen (Abolition of Abortion)

Not everyone is called to advance the cause of the unborn full time. Nor does everyone need to. One of the things that most helped the war for independence was the host of part time volunteers called minutemen. These men were ready at a moments notice to show up where they were needed. They were […]

The Architect & Baby Steps (Abolition of Abortion)

The Architect is the one that works behind the scenes, strategizing and keeping everyone working together. Not being in the middle of the fray helps the Architect keep a healthy perspective. For the Abolition Movement one of the Architects was James Stephen . In 1806, roughly 20 years after Wilberforce started his floor fight, the […]

Financial Backer & Denominational Coordinator (Abolition of Abortion)

A lot of money for the revolution came from loans from wealthy Americans. Some of these loans were never repaid. Other Americans took on grave financial setbacks to support the war. Their houses were burned, their ships were confiscated and their businesses destroyed. They sacrificed for the cause of liberty. The Left has some significant […]

Hill Agitator (Abolition of Abortion)

The agitator is the tireless force for change. This person, more than anyone else, is willing to sacrifice her entire life to see change come about on Capital Hill. William Wilberforce, John Adams, and Patrick Henry are great examples of effective agitators. If we had three words to describe these men they would be passion, […]

Floor Champion (Abolition of Abortion)

The Floor Champion fights on the congressional floor for the actual legislative change. While the Public Figure operates in the community influencing the opinions of the people, the Floor Champion fights in Congress. We need a Senate that will refuse to confirm pro-choice judges. The revolutionary war had Floor Champions in every state. Richard Henry […]

Public Figure (Abolition of Abortion)

Successful movements often have a Public Figure who represents the movement as a whole. For example, Dr. Martin Luther King served as the public figure for Civil Rights. Olaudah Equiano acted as the Public Figure for the British abolition movement. After attaining his freedom, Equiano devoted his life to traveling around England speaking about the […]

A Strategy for the Abolition of Abortion (Introduction)

What would the pro-life movement look life if William Wilberforce were still alive? History tells of times when radical and sudden political reform rocked the world. If we study world changers we can learn to imitate them.  This is their story. We hope it will be our story too. Several Patriot Academy alumni have worked […]