Ecuador Reflections

Things I miss about Ecuador: The cheap food. The beautiful scenery The “I’m in the southern hemisphere feeling.” The mountains The clouds The excuse not to carry a cell phone. The flowers The people The taxies – no really, taking a cab is fun. Things I don’t miss about Ecuador: The bacteria. The trash everywhere. […]

Ecuador Day 7 – Thursday March 20

Today we talked with a hotel manager, a missionary and the operations director for DHL. We also jumped off mountains and drove through downtown Quito in a bus and a private band. Hotel Quito We talked with Joseph Sugels the director food and beverage service at Hotel Quito about the challenges of running a hotel […]

Ecuador Day 6 – Wednesday March 19

Today we visited a university, radio station and Hospital. Univserdad San Francisco de Quito The university has 5000 students and no dorms. Students either live on their own, with their families or with a host family. Since there is no where to sleep during the day the campus has a lot more activity than UMHB […]

Ecuador Day 5 – Tuesday March 18

Today we visited a flower plantation a coffee company and a plastics factory. We also almost fell off a mountain in our bus. Some of the roads here are crazy. Some drivers are too. Flower Plantation One of the most interesting things about the flower industry is its relation to the drug industry. Flower farms […]

Ecuador Day 4 – Monday March 17

We visited the U.S. commercial services today. And by “we” I mean everyone else because I was as sick as a dog with a bacterial infection in my stomach. The U.S. commercial services is a business that works with American companies helping them do business in Ecuador. They talked to “us” about the advantages and […]

Ecuador Day 3 – Sunday March 16

Today we visited a Ecuadorian Baptist church. We missed the regular service and only got to visit the Sunday School which didn’t make a lot of sense since it was in Spanish. Yes. This is Popcorn and dried banana slices. Its an appetizer and not that bad Iglesia Means Church People leaving the Baptist Church. […]

Ecuador Day 2

Today we studied micro entrepreneurship by visiting a local open air market. The breakfast bar at our hotel. The food here is good and amazingly inexpensive. I got a fillet mignon for $6. Permission Permission based marketing may be a new concept to us westerners but I know a couple of Ecuadorian girls aged 7 […]