Balance in Evangelism (Video)

Here is a talk I gave at the 2007 Christmas Evangelism Boot Camp. You may recognize the first few minutes as from my blog. The audio quality improves dramatically after about five minutes. Summary Learn the principles that ground good evangelical methods. Learn to balance your presentation of the Gospel between Spirit Truth and Love. […]

The Boy and the Pool (parable)

A family once had a pool party at their home. Friends from all over filled their back yard, laughing and talking as they mingled around the grill. While no one was looking, a two year old boy toddled over to the pool and fell in. Soon a lady pointed the child out to the group. […]

The Golden Calf (parable)

Spring planting would begin soon and it was time to make the yearly sacrifice. Pagiel’s father had died so it was now his job to make the pilgrimage to the Temple. At age 19 he had never been to Jerusalem, but he had heard the stories. He took a donkey loaded with grain offerings and […]