Killing Off Black Americans

There are some issues that define a generation. For our grandfathers that issue was the Nazi slaughter of the Jews. For their grandfathers the issue was slavery. Our generation faces a similar defining issue. Will you be remembered as those who stood up or vegged out? Please watch this 2 minute video: Because of abortion […]

Christmas Evangelism Boot Camp #3

It is here. CEBC #3 Registration is now open. Watch the CEBC promo on GodTube. This outreach will help you face your fears as you serve with other Christians who desire to “preach the gospel to all creation”.  If your commitment to Christ compels you to grow as a witness who serves effectively, inoffensively, and […]

12 Tips For Effective YouTube Videos (New Media Monday)

You will notice a political twist to today’s New Media Monday. I did some media consulting for a local political candidate and I prepared a guide for him on Viral Video. He ignored my advice but I hope you will find it helpful. Why YouTube is Important Why did we have no good presidential candidates […]

How to Use & Edit Wikipedia (New Media Monday)

So what is wikipedia? Why is it so important? How can you use a wiki and even wikipedia? These questions and more will be answered in today’s New Media Monday. Wikis in Plain English Wiki Tutorial Video 3m Filter Friendly Video Link What is Wikipedia? Wikipedia is the source of truth for many people. When […]