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The 5 Year Plan to Become a Best-Selling Author

In this course, James Rubart and I walk writers through the process of becoming a bestselling author, step by step. This is not a get published quick course. It is a plan that is proven to work. Learn more

The Ultimate Crowdfunding Course for Authors
This course teaches writers how to crowdfund an upcoming book using platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Learn more.

2018 Tax & Business Guide for Authors
The Profitable Author’s Guide to Making More Money and Paying Less Tax: Legally. 

The new 2018 tax plan has changed the landscape for authors. There are new tax deductions only some authors will be able to take advantage of. Other deductions are going away or will be reduced. If you want to get up to speed on the latest tax advice for authors, this course is for you. Learn more.

How to Start a Writers Group

Most authors want to join someone else’s writers’ group. When everyone thinks someone else will do something, it doesn’t happen. The result? Most authors are not in writers groups, despite the fact that writers group membership is one of the things that separates bestselling authors from authors struggling to make it.

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How to Make a Living as an Author

There is a common myth that authors must starve like artists.

While it is true that many authors struggle to pay the bills, that doesn’t have to be you. The truth is, authors can and do make a living doing what they love.

The key is to know how successful authors make a living.

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How to Get Published

Would you like to be a published author but don’t know where to start? This course is for you. In this course, I share a simple explanation of a complicated process. You will learn the pros and cons of traditional publishing and the pros and cons of independent publishing. You will also learn step by step how to go from idea to book on the shelf.

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7 Secrets of Amazing Author Websites

One of the keys to an effective platform is a stellar author web site. In this 1 1/2 hour video webinar presentation find out why most author websites get very little traffic. Discover how to avoid common author website mistakes. Uncover the secrets that will make your site effective and help sell your books.

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12 Secrets of Amazing Author Blogs

Your blog is a key to build a platform, establish your expertise, and gain a loyal following. In this one hour video lecture I help you move your blog from obscure to a comment-happy, well-trafficked place. Also learn how to create the kind of content that Google loves and people share.

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Mastering Technology as a Writer

Society expects us to use technology for all sorts of things. The problem for many is that ability to feel competent in its use. In this short four part video series, I explore some of the challenges you face and how you can overcome them.

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Book Marketing: How Everything Has Changed and Nothing is New

While it seems like technology has changed the landscape there are still essential marketing techniques that have not changed.

In this one hour video lecture recorded at the Writers’ League of Texas, I explain these principles, along with slides.

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How to Work Less and Write More

Finding the time to write is a constant struggle. In this one hour video presentation, I discuss a number of techniques that can help.

  1. Learn the principles of time management that will revolutionize your writing
  2. Master digital tools to make you more productive online and offline
  3. Uncover mental tricks proven to make you more creative

Originally presented at the Writers’ League of Texas.

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