A Different Kind of Thomas

Anouncing: New Media Mondays

One difference between Martin Luther and the reformers who came before him is that Luther used a new technology to spread his message. He also broke from the tradition of writing only in Latin and talked straight to the people. Technology helped Luther change the...
A Different Kind of Thomas


Tap Tap Tap. A weak hand resounds against the shabby door as a feeble voice pleads. “Grant me justice from my enemies!” Pound Pound Pound. A strong hand thunders against the dark door in the dead of night. “Please, I must have bread for my friend, he...
A Different Kind of Thomas

The Adventures of Ultra Fasto Boy

From the archive. Here is the video we made for refuge a few months ago. If you have ever tried to fast this video is for you. Scott Cheek deserves the credit for all of the behind the scenes work as well as playing Jesus. Ultra Fasto-Boy is played by Jonathan...

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