#LetTexasSpeak and Other Stories from the Texas Capitol

Last week I asked Perry to call a Special Session and laid out strategies to help us get the pro-life bill passed this time. The Session is now underway and I would like to give you an update on how things are going at the Texas Capitol. The Story Behind the #Stand4Life Hashtag Last week […]

5 Mistakes Pro-Lifers Made on SB5 & How To Win Next Time

Now that Governor Perry has called a second special session we have another chance to pass some of the most comprehensive protections for the unborn in recent memory. We should have been able to pass SB5 in the last special session, but we blew it. Big time. Here are the mistakes we made and what […]

The 4 Elements of Christian Leadership (one is a secret)

Someone once asked me what the elements of  Christian leadership were. I don’t know what all the elements of Christian leadership are. I may know the first one though. It is not service, or wisdom, knowledge or understanding. I don’t even think that it is love although all of these things are important. Fear I […]

God’s Term Limits

Here is a man who was once influential in his community. This man is now gone, along with every other member of his generation. This photo made me think of our political leaders. Do you know what God’s temporary solution to human depravity was? Term limits. “Then the Lord said, ‘My Spirit will not put […]

Wrong Assumption #2 – Limited Number of Terrorists

I think President Bush believed that there are a fixed number of terrorists in this world. He stated as much in one of his speeches when he said it was better to fight them over there with soldiers than it is to fight them here with firemen and rescue workers. In that every terrorist that […]

Why Those Who Oppose Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy are Wrong

Lately I have been listening to people raise various objections Ron Paul’s foreign policy. Many of these arguments are based on fear, ignorance, and flawed assumptions. My goal is not to convince you to vote for Ron Paul. I’m sure your mind is already made up. My goal is to inform your views about our […]