I have worked with authors since 2008 and spoken at dozens of writers conferences and events.

I help authors:


  • sell more books online by optimizing their websites and digital marketing
  • make more money by incorporating solid business principles into their careers.
  • hone their brand to better resonate with their readers.





    I have consulted with corporations about digital marketing since 2003.


    I help companies: 

    • become more efficient my transitioning to agile project management.
    • attract more customers through effective measurable marketing.
    • hone their brand to better resonate with the kind of customers they want to attract.




    I started podcasting in 2007 and started professionally editing podcasts in 2018.

    I help podcasters: 

    • improve the sound of their show.
    • attract more listeners.
    • better monetize their audiences.




    I started teaching public speaking in 2004.

    I help speakers:

    • craft beautiful slides.
    • deliver powerfully and emotionally resonate talks about technical subjects.
    • get more speaking engagements.




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