The Courtship Prosperity Gospel

A few days ago I received a Facebook message from a homeschool mother who was very angry about my book, Courtship in Crisis, which she had not read. The message came to me while I was feeling low, so I did something I don’t normally do to people who send me angry Facebook messages. I responded.

Kissing, Sex, and Jesus-Flavored Bubblegum

I remember sitting in the back of a basketball gym, listening to the guest preacher rail against the evil and power of sin. He told us that if we lost our purity, we were like tape that had lost its stickiness or gum that had lost its flavor. He didn’t give us a rose to pass from person to person, but he…

Christmas Evangelism Boot Camp #3

It is here. CEBC #3 Registration is now open. Watch the CEBC promo on GodTube. This outreach will help you face your fears as you serve with other Christians who desire to “preach the gospel to all creation”.  If your commitment to Christ compels you to grow as a witness who serves effectively, inoffensively, and […]

Self Examination & Assurance by Jon Speed

I found this article is by Jon Speed and I wanted to share i with you. let me know what you think. Self Examination & Assurance by Jon Speed The doctrine of self examination is one that is rarely taught in the modern evangelical church. It was not always this way. Throughout most of post-Reformation […]