A Woman at a Well (Psalm)

Silence (Psalm)

in the stillness of a quiet moment when conscience finds its voice to speak it tells of deeds done in night’s darkness pitch-black lust and hidden hate noise can drown the accuser and summon back a chaosed mind but noise cannot hide truth and chaos cannot cleanse sin...
A Woman at a Well (Psalm)

Questions for My Daddy

Its the first of the month. Here is a psalm from the archive. Important Note: I wrote this before I ever met Grace. Questions for My Daddy Daddy, why did You give us women? You say it is not good for man to alone, but is it not worse for him to have woman? What is her...
A Woman at a Well (Psalm)

Set Me Aflame (Psalm)

Lord, set me aflame for You. let not my fire grow dim. keep my flame from the quenchers. the cares of the world press me into the ground the spiritual rain that comes not from You crackles and pops on the embers of my heart make my soul so hot that the waters from the...

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