Oh Lord, there is a sadness deep within my heart,
The pain of being broken, my world falling apart.
I feel the throb of loneliness the sting of isolation.
My soul is torn asunder and left in desolation.

Fear and questions both assail me, could it have gone a different way?
Could I have spoken different words, to make today a different day?
My heart not only hurts for me but also for another.
The one I spoke the words of death to, why, did I have to hurt her?

My selfish sinful pride hath reared its ugly head.
I could not hold my tongue, and so my hopes are dead.
Should I curse the fates, if they exist at all?
Blame the God in heaven, or Adam for his fall?

But here I stand, all alone,

with blame on none but me.
To ask the King who reigns on high, and her, to forgive me.