Its the first of the month. Here is a psalm from the archive. Important Note: I wrote this before I ever met Grace.

Questions for My Daddy

Daddy, why did You give us women? You say it is not good
for man to alone, but is it not worse for him to have woman? What is her
purpose if not to torment us? They play with our emotions and ring us dry.
They play with our eyes and tempt us to sin.

Daddy, is it not cruel to give us something and then not let us have it?
Why did You give them to us, only to say later “it is better to walk alone.”
Should only the weak take this “gift” from You?

Why would You give us a thirst that we are not permitted to quench?
Why am I compelled to talk with those who only cause anguish?
Why are they so beautiful?


Rose Daddy, why did you make the rose? I do not understand it.
The velvet petals are the source of such beauty and fragrance.
Yet the thorns are sharp, hard, and unforgiving.
So different than the beauty above. Why do the thorns cause such pain?
Why does my hand bleed when I try to pick one from the garden?

Was it good when men of old took roses and chopped of their thorns?
Do You take pleasure in allowing men treat the rose as trash? Why is
the simple so complex?

Could it be that I am handling the rose incorrectly? Is there a way to
enjoy a rose without pain? Would You give something so beautiful
that cannot be enjoyed? Do roses exist just to taunt us? Or, did You
give us the rose to teach us of other things?


Does the blood dripping from my heart come from the mishandling of a
rose? How do I guard my heart from thorns I can’t see? Why are they so
sharp, why do they hurt so much?

Will You, the Maker of thorns and roses cause the bleeding to stop? Will
You teach me to love You more than the rose? Can the rose teach me
something about You?

Daddy, thank You for listening to my questions. Thank You
for Your patience with my foolishness. I know You are wise.
May I find favor in Your eyes that I might learn Your ways.
Thank You for being who You are.