2 kids playing a video game

Here are some interesting thoughts from Father Raymond J. de Souza

“Don’t play video games. Don’t own them. And for the sake of all that is good and holy, don’t buy them for your children.

“Video games are like a black hole into which time disappears. Students today often confess to wasting a couple of hours a day on them. Corporate Canada likely loses whole weeks of productive work to those who are playing games at work. Video games have some kind of addictive allure that means any number of hours is not enough. It is always possible to play again — to rise to that “next level” which somehow acquires near-mystical importance. They are the crack cocaine of the electronic world.”

He also says

“My mother, whose principal goal in bringing up her children was not to affirm our self-esteem, was fond of telling us that only unintelligent children got bored. Our house had books and toys and siblings, and we had our imaginations — my mother thought that more than sufficient for any child to amuse himself. Television, let alone video games, wasn’t necessary.”

Read the full article The crack cocaine of the electronic world.

Thanks to Brenda for the link.