Seth Godin

In my opinion Seth Godin is the top marketing expert in the nation. I read his blog almost every day. He’s a funny bald guy who can help you sell your candidate or product.

Video #1 All Marketers Are Liars (Google 2007)

This is Seth most popular online video. Learn how to tell story to connect with customers.

Video #2 Seth Godin on Web 2.0 (2007)

In this video talks about the future of the internet and how marketers can take advantage of it. He disputes the yell at strangers model. Seth explains how to use the web to promote your idea.

Video #3 Sliced Bread and Other Marketing Delights (Ted 2003)

Video #4 This is Broken (Gel 2006)

In this talk Seth looks at products, services and signs that are broken and explains why. Very funny.

Video #5 Ideas That Spread, Win

Ideas move and spread in radically different ways today than they did even a decade ago. Seth talks about how we are shifting away from the TV model is not working. You can no longer buy people’s attention.

Video #6 Seth Godin On Marketing (Forbes 2007)

How do you cut through the clutter?