Missing Grace

Things I miss about Ecuador:

  • The cheap food.
  • The beautiful scenery
  • The “I’m in the southern hemisphere feeling.”
  • The mountains
  • The clouds
  • The excuse not to carry a cell phone.
  • The flowers
  • The people
  • The taxies – no really, taking a cab is fun.


Things I don’t miss about Ecuador:

  • The bacteria.
  • The trash everywhere.
  • The internet “connection.”
  • Single ply toilet paper.
  • The lack of modesty in advertisements…. and I thought we had it bad in the States…
  • The feeling of powerlessness to effect change.

Things I appreciate more now that I’m back:

  • Talking to strangers – You don’t know how often you need to until you can’t.
  • Drinking Fountains – They don’t exist when no one can drink the water.
  • Tap Water – I think I will glare intensely at the next person who complains about American water. I have been thirsty for the last week trying to find bottles of water.
  • Naps – Siestas are a wonderful tradition that need to go farther south.
  • Debit card machines – going cash only is the pits for a high tech guy like me. No electronic “paper trail” and keeping track of coins is inconvenient.
  • Grace Chambers – Sometimes you don’t realize how amazing someone is until you can’t see them for a couple weeks.