If you look closely you can see me in that video.

Patriot Academy will give you three things:

  • Learn about the legislative process from the inside. Write bills, get them through committee and then debate them on the actual House of Texas floor.
  • Learn how to analyze issues from a biblical and historical founding fathers perspective.
  • Learn the skills you need to work in the political process either as an elected official or behind the scenes
    • How to give a great speech
    • How to communicate with the media.
    • How to handle a negative attack
    • Keys to maintaining integrity in the political arena.

As a fourth bonus you will connect with the future movers and shakers in the political process. There are Patriots working in Washington, at the Texas Capital, Governor’s Office and the Texas Republican Party.

Going to Patriot Academy will open doors for you to work in the political arena. You will get access to the special Patriot Alumni group where job opportunities often posted. I have a friend who worked as a Chief of Staff for a State Representative with no experience other than Patriot Academy. He had not even started college yet.

If you have any interest at all that you check out PatriotAcademy.com .