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For those of you who have followed this blog for some time you know I normally post a republican primary voter guide. This year I have been so swamped with launching the Bestseller Society, that I have not had a chance to put one together. Fortunately my dad, Tom Umstattd, bailed me out and published his list of who he is voting for. I’m voted for the same folks so it works out. These are not “endorsements” so if you are a candidate please don’t put Tom Umstattd as an endorser on your website.

If you are curious about my voting philosophy see this post.

Tom Umstattd Sr’s Picks

This is how Tom Umstattd early voted in the Republican primary; regular voting day is on May 29th, 2012.  Voting early, the polls are open until 6pm Friday.  To find your voting location visit or call 512.854.4996

Big Names

  • President             — Ron Paul (in the primary vote your conscience, in the general election, hold your nose and vote.  Rick Perry is not on the ballot)
  • US Senator          — Ted Cruz, THSC agrees (TAL endorses David Dewhurst, some think Glen Addison is ok, but stick with Cruz)
  • Congress Dist 10 — Michael McCaul (incumbent) also endorsed by TAL; Eddie Traylor seems interesting, too.
  • RailRoad Comm.   — Warren Chisum (TAL & HSLDA agrees)
  • RailRoad Comm.   — Barry Smitherman (TAL & HSLDA agrees) (running unopposed)


  • Place 2, Spm Crt  — Don Willett, also endorsed by HSLDA & TAL  (but Steve Smith is endorsed by Don Zimmerman)
  • Place 4, Spm Crt  — David Medina, also endorsed by TAL & Former SC Judge Scott Brister
  • Place 6, Spm Crt  –  Nathan Hecht, also endorsed by TAL  (running unopposed)
  • Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals — Sharon Keller (R) (running unopposed)
  • Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 2 — Jeff Rose (R) (running unopposed)
  • Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 3 — Scott Field (R)
  • Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 5 — David Puryear (R) (running unopposed)
  • Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 6 — Bob Pemberton (R) (running unopposed)


  • County Republican Chairman — Rosemary Edwards (R) (running unopposed)
  • Dist. 5   SBOE     — Ken Mercer (THSC agrees)
  • Dist. 10 SBOE    — Jeff Fleece
  • Dist. 25 State Sen — Donna Cambell
  • Dist. 47 State Rep – Paul Workman
  • Pct. 3 County Comm — Gerald Daugherty (Jim Strickland is also ok)
  • Pct. 2 Constable   — Al Herrera, although I am told both are fine, I like the Hispanic sir name, need more of those in the GOP (like Nathan Macias)
  • Pct. 3 Constable   — Mike Varela, same reason as above
  • Williamson County Attorney:  Doyle “Dee” Hobbs

GOP Propositions

1.    School Choice.  FOR, although I am against the state funding education, I like having the choice, and I think home schooling is considered a private school, per Leaper vs. Arlington, ISD case.  Actual wording:  “The state should fund education by allowing dollars to follow the child instead of the bureaucracy, through a program which allows parents the freedom to choose their child’s school, public or private, while also saving significant taxpayer dollars.”

2.   Repealing Obamacare.  FOR  Actual wording:  “Congress should immediately repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) and reject the rationing of healthcare by government or the intrusion by the government into the doctor – patient relationship.”  Now that we have passed it, we know what is in it.  Personally, I can find nothing worth saving in it.  Let’s start over from scratch, or better yet, this is not what the federal government should be about, anyway, but the state and local governments.

3.   Public Prayer.  FOR  Actual wording:  “Government should be prohibited from restricting the content of public prayer.”  I like prohibiting the government.

4.   Balanced Budget/Controlling Government Growth, enthusiastically FOR.  Actual wording:  “Out of control spending should be stopped at all levels of federal and state government through constitutional amendments limiting any increase in government spending to be the combined increase of population and inflation, requiring voter approval.”  This idea has been around for a while, but has not been made into law for some reason.  It is a no nonsense growth plan, and as an accountant, I think it makes sense to me.  We must rein in our runaway government spending!

5.   Redistricting  AGAINST.  Enough already!  It seems to me that the state government has better things to do with its limited time & I feel the proposition is too broad:  “remedy inequities.”  And the courts may merely overturn this future redistricting plan, again.  We will do it again in 2020.  Actual wording:  “The Texas Legislature should redraw the court-imposed lines for Congress and State legislative districts in its upcoming session in order to remedy inequities.”

Here are some others not in my district:

  • Congress Dist 17 – Bill Flores or perhaps George Hindman
  • Congress Dist 21 – Richard Morgan (THSC
  • Congress Dist 25 – Dave Garrison or Wes Riddle
  • Congress Dist 35 – Susan Narvaiz or perhaps Rob Roark

Feel free to print this out and take it with you to the polls.

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