Courtship in Crisis

It’s hard for me to admit when I’m wrong. But I was wrong about courtship. I thought it was the answer and it wasn’t. While it is true that it works for a handful of couples, the system and culture of courtship is creating a generation of singles who wish they were married.

Not cool.

I wrote the blog post Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed. I told the world I was wrong and how I came to that conclusion by finally listening to the wisdom of my grandmother.

The post went viral, gaining over one million readers from every country in the world save North Korea.

What is interesting is that despite the attention and traffic, visitors spent only a minute on average reading the post. People don’t read blog posts. They skim them. You are probably skimming this post right now. No judgement. I skim blog posts too.

So I decided to write a book. This will allow a more complete explanation of both the flaws of courtship and the benefits of traditional dating.

Here is a 1 minute video about the book:


Here is the Kicktraq report on our progress.

Courtship in Crisis -- Kicktraq Mini

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