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I am looking for a few good nerds to help me with our massive research project: Courtship in Crisis.

We sent out a courtship survey a few weeks ago, and over 500 responses flooded in. If each response was 250 words (some were much longer) that is 125,000 words of people’s stories to go through.  If we had known the survey was going to be so popular, we would have added more objective questions and fewer subjective essay questions. Live and learn.

I am also conducting interviews with people with particularly useful insights or stories.

If I don’t get some help with the research, this book is going to miss the deadline. I don’t want the research to bloat the book. We need to dig through the chaff of research to find the few nuggets of relevant data.

Writing a short book is more work than writing a long book.

We are looking for people with at least one of the following backgrounds:

  • Speech and Debate
  • Statistics
  • Sociology
  • Theology  (for checking scriptures and doctrine)
  • Counseling  (Psychologists, Youth Pastors, Teachers, Counselors, Ministers, etc.)
  • Management (We need folks who can coordinate the research)

You also need to be a fun team player who is willing to put some time into this project.

Folks on the research team get:

  • A unique opportunity to influence the direction of the book
  • A fun experience working with smart people who want to change the world
  • Your name immortalized in print in the book’s “Research Team” section
  • A signed copy of the book.
  • My undying gratitude
  • Invitations to all the parties
  • Access to all the cool discoveries that won’t make it into the book.


Q: Can I be on the research team if I am already on the launch team?

A: Yes

Q: Will my name be listed twice in the book if I am part of both teams?

A: Absolutely

Q: My community would exile me if they knew I joined this group. Could I help anonymously?

A: Yes. We can keep your name off the list if you prefer.

Q: Do I need to come to Austin to work on this team?

A: No. The research team will meet online.

Q: Will being on this team make me rich?

A: Nope. We are looking for folks who are willing to volunteer to help change the world.

Q: Will this research team help me find a boyfriend/girlfriend?

A: When you join a group of smart, like-minded people who are working together for a common cause, you never know what might happen.

Q: Do I need to agree with Thomas 100% to be on the research team?

A: Nope. Part of the purpose of the team is to debate with Thomas and help him think through the ramifications of his ideas. We want smart debaters, not trolls or sheep.

Courtship in Crisis Research Team Application

Apply to join the exclusive Courtship in Crisis Research Team.