In this episode, Jamie Jenson and I talk about crowdfunding for creative projects.

You can find out more about her podcast here.

Some Takeaways Include:

  • How many ways you can use crowdfunding for your projects
  • Understanding the difference between failure and intentionally failing
  • How to find the type of customer that defends you
  • The best products and services to crowdfund



  • (00:00) Welcome to the Creatives Making Money podcast
  • (01:14) Introducing Thomas Umstattd, CEO of Author Media
  • (03:49) Jamie reminisces about her favorite teenage game
  • (06:42) What is the biggest question people have around crowdfunding
  • (10:04) Why Thomas loves crowdfunding so much
  • (15:58) The downside of giving away equity
  • (18:46) Thomas’s plugin to help set up a bookstore on your site
  • (23:47) What was the most expensive mistake for Thomas
  • (26:32) What projects fit crowdfunding the best
  • (30:01) The pricing and perks breakdown for crowdfunding
  • (34:30) Thomas shares a story about perks that didn’t cost much
  • (38:11) How to find your brand advocates
  • (41:26) Where to find Thomas Umstattd