Hill Agitator (Abolition of Abortion)

The agitator is the tireless force for change. This person, more than anyone else, is willing to sacrifice her entire life to see change come about on Capital Hill. William Wilberforce, John Adams, and Patrick Henry are great examples of effective agitators. If we had three words to describe these men they would be passion, courage and dedication.

Unlike the Public Figure, the hill agitator is not necessarily well liked. John Adams, the tireless fighter for colonial independence, was said to be “obnoxious and disliked” even by his friends. He sacrificed his popularity to keep the topic of independence in front of the Continental Congress. He forced them to make a decision. And they did.

John Adams pushed the car of liberty, refusing to give up. He knew that others would eventually come help push. He was the energy behind the Declaration of Independence. Alone he couldn’t do it. But, once a Floor Champion sat in the driver’s seat and popped the clutch, the car jolted into action.

You can tell the difference between these roles by the language they use. The Public Figure and Floor Champion diplomatically use the phrase “pro-choice” when referring to the opposition whereas the agitator passionately uses the term “pro-abortion” or even “pro-death” if the situation warrants.

We have a lot of candidates willing to check the pro-life box on a voters guide but few who are willing to make it their top priority and make waves. We need to elect candidates who have devoted their lives to this issue.  We need people to wisely rock the boat.

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