How Everything Has Changed But Nothing Is New – Patriot Academy 2009

At Patriot Academy this year I gave a talk about how technology has changed the world. While everything has changed, nothing is new under the sun. Everything that is has been before. By studying the past we can predict the future even when it comes to social media. Here are the slides for the talk. […]

Need Help With Technology? Check out my new website.

This robot goes with the new website I started to help people use technology to advance the kingdom. It’s targeted at Authors but the tips will be helpful to you as well. Do you have a question about some tech topic? This is the place to ask it. Recent Tech Tips: 5 Tips for Getting […]

12 Tips For Effective YouTube Videos (New Media Monday)

You will notice a political twist to today’s New Media Monday. I did some media consulting for a local political candidate and I prepared a guide for him on Viral Video. He ignored my advice but I hope you will find it helpful. Why YouTube is Important Why did we have no good presidential candidates […]

How to Use & Edit Wikipedia (New Media Monday)

So what is wikipedia? Why is it so important? How can you use a wiki and even wikipedia? These questions and more will be answered in today’s New Media Monday. Wikis in Plain English Wiki Tutorial Video 3m Filter Friendly Video Link What is Wikipedia? Wikipedia is the source of truth for many people. When […]

How to Use Skype (New Media Monday)

Chances are you’ve heard someone talking about Skype . But what is it anyway? In short, Skype is a way to call anyone in the world for free. How Skype Works Skype uses a technology called VOIP that uses the Internet to place a phone call instead of a traditional land line.  This cuts the […]

Anouncing: New Media Mondays

One difference between Martin Luther and the reformers who came before him is that Luther used a new technology to spread his message. He also broke from the tradition of writing only in Latin and talked straight to the people. Technology helped Luther change the world. As Christians it is important for us to do […]