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In this issue of New Media Monday you will learn:

  • What is Micro Bloging?
  • What is it  good for?
  • How to use Twitter
  • How to Follow me
  • Who I Follow

What is Micro Bloging?

Have you ever asked someone how they knew something only to have them reply that a little bird told them? Well mico blogging is that little bird. It tweets in your ear about what your friends are doing. Micro blog posts are short 140 character posts that go out to your friends and family.

How to use Twitter

Watch the video on YouTube , or Vimeo .

What is Twitter good for?

  • Keeping up with friends. This is micro blogging’s first use and it is great at that but twitter goes far beyond keeping up with friends.
  • Asking Questions. Twitter is a great way to ask your followers questions. Renae Brumbaugh , a friend of mine, asked how to spell "Ornery"  The best selling author Linda Carlblom twittered the answer.
  • News. If an atrocity like September 11th were to happen again, God forbid, the news would hit twitter first.  Twitter can integrate with your cellphone via SMS text message. So, at Virginia Tech, students could have used twitter to announce which room/hall the shooter was in while he was still shooting.
  • Networking. Twitter can also be great for networking. Questions like "Does anyone know a good auto mechanic in the Ausin area?" can get fast & good answers.
  • Learning to focus. Twitter only gives you 140 chracters and so it forces you to learn how hone your language.

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Do you use Twitter?

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