Why Those Who Oppose Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy are Wrong

Lately I have been listening to people raise various objections Ron Paul’s foreign policy. Many of these arguments are based on fear, ignorance, and flawed assumptions. My goal is not to convince you to vote for Ron Paul. I’m sure your mind is already made up. My goal is to inform your views about our […]

Our Current Economic Crisis

It is important to understand why our economy is not doing well. I wanted to share with you some videos that help explain why we are in this mess. Unfortunately our choices are either paying the price now with a recession or putting the recession off by getting in more debt. The recession might turn […]

The Philosophy of Liberty (Video)

The Philosophy of Liberty video is one the best presentations of any set of political principles I have ever seen. This video communicates more in 8 minutes than most 200 page books. If you plan to vote in the next election or compete in speech and debate I strongly recommend you watch this 8 minute […]

The Chinese Paper Nuke

Why Financial Terrorism is More Dangerous than Suicide Bombers Great empires don’t fall at the top of their economic strength. Most empires walk the same road: moral decline followed by economic collapse and then military failure. The morality in our nation is slipping but our economy is still strong… or is it? Right now, we […]