The “Jenna Six” incident is the sad effect of racial hatred. These six boys assaulted a white boy kicking him repeatedly. But this now national incident is the outcome of months of retaliatory racial hatred on both sides. This hatred is the root problem and it is something laws cannot fix.

Mychal Bell (Jena Six)

The question according to the media is a matter of justice. The fact that the Jena Six attacked the white boy does not seem to be the question. The question is: are they being tried fairly by the Louisiana court system?

If race were not a factor, I would understand the court getting concerned about the escalating retaliatory violence in Jena and deciding to start throwing the book at those kids. But we cannot ignore race which was the root of the retaliatory violence and so the fact that the book is getting thrown only at the African American students is suspect.

If they were throwing the book in good faith then I think they would have moved the trial to a different area where the fervor was not so rampant. They would have had a diverse jury and they would not have tried Mychal Bell as an adult. Unfortunately, they did not and the judgment of second degree murder does seem harsh.

There are only two solutions to this problem: the historic one and the true one. Historically the only solution to racial hatred is through intermarriage. I can point out numerous historical racial problems that were exceedingly violent (Normans and Saxons for instance) until they faded away through generations of intermarriage.

Unfortunately, both white and black parents often discourage their children from interracial marriages, which limits the effectiveness of this proven means. Ultimately I think the solution will be found in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. We as a nation no longer fear the Living God. We see God as a loving Santa Clause type that forgives everyone of everything. This is not supported in scripture. Jesus said it himself “unless you repent you will likewise perish.” The hatred is the same as murder according to Jesus. So, the Jena Six will be tried in the courts of heaven for murder as will all the white students whose violence precipitated the attack.

Regardless of what the court decides on the Jena Six case we know that before God as a nation are guilty and unless we repent of our hatred we will likewise perish. We need to turn away from killing our children through abortion and dishonoring our parents. Our lust and materialism gives off the reek of sin that can be smelt as far away as Saudi Arabia. They hate us because they see what we refuse to see. We are a wicked self-righteous people.

It is easy to point the finger and condemn the Jena Six or the corrupt white jury but we must realize there are three fingers pointing back at us. Do we love our neighbor as ourselves or do we think of them as less than human, illegal or unclean? We have a lot to repent from as a nation and it needs to start right here right now.