Jesus is the Lord

I know many of you were bummed when the Antioch leadership decided not to do a CD for World Mandate 2007. I respected that decision and am content with the World Mandate CDs I already have. One song by James Mark Gully though I really loved. It is called Jesus is the Lord and it is one of my favorite songs. Well Antioch has just released that song in a royalty free download from their website.

Story Behind the Song (from the Antioch website)
“Robert Fuller, our college worship pastor, walked into my office one day with half of a verse and half of a chorus. Immediately, I said, “We need to finish this song together.” The result is an anthem that declares that Jesus will receive the reward due for His sacrifice: the worship of people from every nation and tribe. It is a song of humble, passionate adoration of Jesus in all His glory. Both of us are amazed at what God has done through “Jesus is the Lord” at Antioch, and so we wanted to make it available to you here as a gift. May you offer it back to Jesus with a heart wholly given to Him.”

James Mark Gulley, Pastor of Worship & Arts