Photo by Logan Cody

As you can see from my last post I am not a big fan of self confidence. So often presenters struggle with fear and so they compensate for their insecurities with self confidence. The Bible has a word for self confidence. The Bible calls it pride. Confidence might make you feel better but it can turn your audience off. Our confidence should be in Jesus Christ alone.

I found these not to long ago and they were so good I wanted to share them with you.

  1. Confidence is about you – enthusiasm is about your subject
    As long as you’re focused on ‘being confident’, you are the focus of attention.
  2. Confidence is about you (again) – enthusiasm is about others
    when you focus on your audience – whether one person, a roomful or a whole stadium – you stop worrying about your own performance. Instead, your attention is on the audience’s experience
  3. Confidence is impressive – enthusiasm is infectious
    Think of a time when you heard someone talk about a subject you had previously no interest in, but they were so enthusiastic about it, you couldn’t help being intrigued, even fascinated. There’s something contagious about the body language of enthusiasm – when you see someone talking excitedly, smiling, gesturing, full of energy and keen to share what they know, you can’t help responding
  4. Confidence is certain – enthusiasm is creative
  5. Confidence is serious – enthusiasm is fun
    When you start talking or thinking about being confident, you’re likely to start taking things a bit seriously. When you want to be confident about doing something, it’s because you think it’s important.

Mark McGuinness goes into greater detail on each of these points in his blog wishful thinking.

I think reason #5 is why many students debate speeches are less interesting than their persuasive speeches. They are less enthusiastic about the topic.