Today is the 3 year anniversary of my run in with an Big Rig truck on I-35. I thought this would be a good time to repost some of my thoughts after that wreck. There are more photos on Facebook.

Wrecked Van Photo
The van after the wreck.

Why did God spare me and Mark when He did not spare Kristi in her car wreck last week?I pondered this question as I read my Bible this morning. I read a character overview of the Apostle James. Not the James that wrote the book of James, but James the member of the inner circle with Peter and John. We don’t talk about James much because He died only 12 chapters after Jesus rose to heaven.

I’m sure the disciples wondered why James died so soon as well. James has fewer mistakes and blunders recorded than Peter. Why did God send an angel to get Peter out of jail (Acts 12) and not James (Acts 12)? Jesus spent just as much time investing in James as he did with Peter and John, more than all the other apostles. James saw Jesus transfigured. I bet many of the believers would have much rather had James alive than Peter. Peter was brash and often spoke first and thought second. What a waste of James’ life!

Its hard to understand that the Chess Master rarely consults His pieces on where to move them. Those who play chess know that sacrificing a piece can sometimes set up a great move. We don’t know why God let James live so short and the other Apostles so much longer. Paul does go out to the gentiles a chapter later, maybe there is a connection.

It would be easy to be angry at God if we had His perspective and could see His mistakes. But, if we could see as He does, we wouldn’t find any errors. We would only see how His ways are above our ways and His thoughts above our thoughts. I am sure a queen would think it a mistake to be sacrificed for a pawn. But the Chess Master knows what he is doing.

Interestingly, Peter wondered these same things. In John 21 Jesus told Peter how he would die. Peter looked over at John and asked “What about him Lord?” Jesus replied, “If I want him to remain until I return what is that to you? As for you, follow me.”

If you are reading this you have been spared from death just like me and just like Mark. It’s ok to ask questions. But, I think God’s answer to us would the same as his answer to Peter, “As for you, follow me.” We must follow Jesus! When the Bible says to preach the Word in season and out of season we need to do it! When it says to love our neighbor as ourself and to think of others as more important than ourselves, we must do it! Kristi gave her life to making disciples as Christ commanded. WE MUST DO THE SAME! We can’t depend on Peter, James and Kristi to do the work of the Kingdom for us. They have finished their race and have passed the baton to us.

Have you given your life to making disciples? Are you getting close enough to God that you have part of Him to give away? Are you reaching out of your comfort zone to the lost and feeding the lambs that Jesus has brought to you? Watching and paying others to make disciples is like paying someone else to go to the bathroom. It looks the same and makes the same sounds but it has no effect.

Here is an easy way to answer those questions. What do you spend money on? What do you spend your time at? If the majority of our money and time go to pursue our own pleasure then we have made gods of ourselves. Kristi and James both spent their money and time investing in others, in making disciples. We must follow Christ by doing the same. The torch of God’s work shined brightly in the hands of Christians like Peter, James and Kristi. Now the course is set, the blocks are down the contestants are ready. The official is raising his gun. It’s our turn to run. Bang.

Wrecked Van Photo 2
The front of the van