Valley Today was good Friday, a national holiday which means that all businesses are closed. We visited El Centro de Mundo or the Center of the World. At first I thought that the name was just clever marketing, but on the way we learned that this spot is the center of the metric system.

The metric system takes the distance from the north pole to the south pole, divides it by 5000 and calls each one of those units a kilometer. What is ironic is that the actual Ecuador is 200 meter away, but they can’t move the tower without changing the whole metric system.


We visited a community that lives on the inside of a volcanic crater. It is very pretty.


This is not the true equator, but it is the center of the earth as far as the metric system is concerned.

We visited the Museo Del Sol which is right on the Ecuador. There are several anomalies that happen right on the Ecuador.


The true equator.

Ever wondered what direction toilets really flush south of the equator? I will say that on the equator exactly water doesn’t cyclone, it just goes straight down as it drains out of a container. Watch these three videos I took for a full explanation.


Cynthia after blow gunning a cactus.


A blue eyed alpaca.


The ability to keep balance on the equator is greatly reduced. Here Josh tries to walk a straight line with his eyes closed. Everyone is drunk on the Equator.


Amanda trying to balance an egg on a nail.
You can, with practice balance an egg on a nail. See this video for proof.


You get a certificate if you do it successfully.


See how the shadow points due west.


A local seller working with his 6 year old son. I negotiated with the son not the father.


I know… I know