Why do you go to church? If you are like me you go for the wrong reasons.


I used to go to church to learn the word, fellowship with other believers and to minister to them. I picked a church that I would get a lot out of.

But something has happened in the last two weeks that has changed all that. I have spent the service in the Boiler Room the last two weeks and it has changed my life.

What if church was not about my learning, my being ministered to and my being blessed? What if church were about ministering to God, blessing Him and glorifying Him? What if we spent an entire service doing nothing but thanking God for what He has done? Would that be a waste? Or would that be true church?

American Christianity has become so focused on people that Jesus Christ has become just a tag line to end our selfish prayers with. What rot. The church was never about the people.

Something changes when you pray for 30 minutes without asking God for anything. Something shifts in your life when you pray for two hours and ask only for the needs of others. I used to wonder how the great Christians of old could pray for hours and hours. But when you thank God for what He has done, praise Him for what He is doing, and worship Him for who He is, there are not enough hours in the day to even begin.

Not only is the self focused "feed the people" form of church wrong, it doesn’t work.

Many Christians have listened to hundreds if not thousands of hours of sermons and yet cannot pray aloud, share the Gospel or interpret the Scriptures. We know the the importance of these things but they don’t spring out of our hearts because our hearts are not connected to the Spring.

19 out of 20 Christians have never read the entire Bible . According to Bill Bright, only 1 in 50 Christians regularly share their faith with others. Many Christians feel uncomfortable praying out loud because they do it so rarely.

Something is broken and its not on God’s end.

We don’t need another sermon on the importance of Bible reading. We need to make Jesus the first thing. The Bible is great but without God it is just ink and paper. If Christ is not the Source of our Spring then the second things have nothing to flow out of.

"You can’t get second things by putting them first; you can get second things only by putting first things first."

-C.S. Lewis

Changing the purpose of Church from ministering to ourselves to ministering to the Lord shifts everything around. Or rather, it shifts us around so that we point in the right direction. The ends become the means and the means become the ends. Jesus and His Kingdom become the goal to which all of life is but a means.

This changing of direction could be called repentance. I call it faith. It takes faith to believe that if we focus on Christ alone our needs will be met. Or, that it is ok if they are not. Believing God’s ways are best and walking in that belief is an act of faith.

The Kingdom is not about location, it’s about direction. It’s not in words but in power. You are either walking behind Jesus or you are walking your own way. In programing we call this a binary value. Following Christ equals either yes or no. There is no sorta.

Are you following Christ? Or are you trying to get Him to follow you? If Jesus is not before you, if He is not the first thing, you are pointing in the wrong direction. Repent.