#1 Regular People Wear Costumes

At SciFi conventions people dress up like emotionless visitors from another world with amazing abilities and power. At GOP conventions people dress up like  amazing visitors from the grass roots with amazing abilities and power. 

The hippies shave their beards and come their hair in the classic political swoosh. In both conventions most people pretend to be something they are not.  Sometimes the dress up to make a point.

George Washington

A Ferangi.

A hat wearing patriot.

Most people tried to dress like this guy. You can usually pick out a politician. he has that swoosh hair, an expensive suit, a nice tie and a splenda smile.

#2 Obscure Celebrates

Chances are if you saw your state representative at the grocery store you wouldn’t recognize him. But at a political convention he gets a VIP badge and everyone wants to shake his hand.

Jacque Otto sporting her VIP badge

#3 African Americans are Rare and Popular

The republican party and the SciFi community seem to be dominated by anglos. The few African americans willing to brave the sea of white faces often rise to prominence. Michael Dorn is hugely popular among Star Trek fans as is Michael Williams among republicans.

Michael Dorn also known as Warf.

Michael Williams a bow tie wearing railroad commissioner.

#4 Insane Passion Over Obscure Things

There was a huge fight over credentialing candidates at the Texas GOP convention. The fight was so bad that old friends stop talking. SciFi Conventions have protests over the cancellation of obscure TV shows and small changes in classic movies.

#5 Identical Factions at War

There are very similar factions at this GOP convention who hated each other. I saw candidates give identical speeches and then bash each other.  Star Trek and Star Wars people have never gotten along well. The most sure fire way to get cussed out at a Star Trek Convention is to dress like Luke Skywalker.