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If all of these characters have one thing in common, it is devotion. We know little of true devotion today. Many of our founders suffered financial loss and even death in the pursuit of liberty. William Wilberforce gave up his life for the cause of Abolition. Those devoted to abolishing abortion must be willing to do the same.

Devotion means full commitment: money, time, energy, everything. God is not calling everyone to devote their lives to the pro-life movement. There are other noble causes. But, He is calling a special few. If you are still reading this pamphlet you may be among that number.

If you don’t feel called to devote your life to this cause, please do something. Become a minuteman. It is unthinkable to stand by and do nothing while a generation is murdered.

The most important thing you can do is to pray. Scripture makes it clear that this is a spiritual battle that we face. It will be won – or lost – in the heavenlies as the forces of darkness contend with the forces of light. The prayers of God’s people are vital.

Ask yourself if you are willing to devote your life to this cause. More importantly, ask the Lord if he is calling you to devote your life speaking for the defenseless. If He is, get your bow and let’s kill this dragon.

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