Broken Plate

As a child I thought of my parents as infallible and immortal. I remember the first time I saw my mom drop something in the kitchen. I was shocked. Moms don’t drop wet plates! Dad’s don’t get heart attacks! But they do. They unfortunately do.

Well, we found out on Monday that my dad had a heart attack. I realized at that time how much and how often I take my dad for granted. I learned in my car accident that life is fleeting.

Here is an excerpt from a mom’s email: Tom had a hiatal hernia attack on July 11th, that had many similar symptoms as a heart attack, but wasn’t one. He continued to feel really lousy for a couple of weeks after that. He recently had an EKG to check his heart, and it indicates that at some time AFTER July 11th, Tom did have a heart attack, which resulted in damage to the upper two chambers of his heart. He is going into the Heart Hospital Thursday Aug 7 for a Cardiac Catheterization, where they will explore the arteries of the heart and assess and fix any damage they find.

The doctors say that this is a routine operation and that even though the mortality rate is one in ten my dad’s chances are much better since he is young.

This has been a hard week for my family.

  • William got a 102 degree fever
  • John is recovering from his own surgery
  • My Mom has Migraines
  • My Dad just had a heart attack.


  • Thursday 11:26am My dad is about to go in for his operation.
  • Thursday 1:46pm My Dad has now gone in for his operation in good spirits.
  • Thursday 3:01pm The doctors found some blockages and will operate. My dad will need to stay in the hospital overnight.
  • Thursday 3:30pm My dad received two stints. One for a major artery that was 100% blocked and one for a diagonal artery. His heart made its own bypass so there is no significant damage there. His blood pressure is now a lot lower than it was before the operation. He does not need open heart surgery praise God! He is going to need to take a blood thinner for about a year though.
  • Thursday 7:38pm We were able to speak with the doctor and get the prognosis. My dad had a mild to moderate heart attack. My dad has damage in other parts of his heart that were not bad enough for a stint. He is now sleeping in his hospital room. My mom is exhausted and trying to rest. It sounds like my dad will be pretty restricted for the next several days.
  • Friday 10:05am My dad is feeling much better this morning. He says that he can feel more blood going through his heart and they think he will be able to go home today. It turns out that 25% of the blood flow to my dad’s heart had been blocked.
  • Wednesday 10:09am My Dad got back home on Friday and wants everyone to know how thankful he is for your prayers and encouragement. He has never been so prayed for in his life and he is honored by all of you.

Check back here for live updates on his status.

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