Hello everyone. Today marks my 100th post. WooHoo!

Thank you for all of your feedback and support. Out of the 100 posts I have received over 230 comments. There would be no point to this blog if you were not here to read it. Thank you.

Goodbye 2008

2008 was a difficult year in many ways. Many things died this year. Ron Paul’s hopes to win the primary, Brook Audio, and my Grandfather among others.

Hello 2009

On the plus side 2009 seems to be the year of New Beginnings. I am rethinking my life. Every part of it. There are a lot of things on the table right now.

Questions for 2009

  • I am thinking about moving to either New Zealand or Austin, TX. What do you think?
  • What do you think about me getting an MBA at UT Austin or Acton ?
  • The publishing industry is in a panic and not putting out many new books right now. Should I self publish Digital Cancer?

9 Predictions for 2009

  1. Obama will pass the Fairness act but it will only apply to political talk. It will be the best thing to happen to the conservative movement. Conservative talk radio needs to die.
  2. 5 of my current blog readers will start their own Podcasts. One will hit the big dim with his or her podcast.
  3. There will be continued violence in the middle east. (I need at least one to be right 🙂
  4. Texas will experience a major natural disaster of some kind.
  5. The economy will end 2009 at about the same strength it began 2009.
  6. Apple will buy Adobe.
  7. Obama will maintain ridiculously high support ratings while failing to get anything done other than the fairness act.
  8. Another Patriot Academy alum will declare intentions to run for something (no it won’t be me :-).
  9. Half of you will start using Twitter .