Lia on Abortion
The following video is by Lia who is only 12 years old. She gave this speech to her 7th grade class. Are the public figures emerging?

Generation Y, my generation, is much more pro life than Generation X and the Baby Boomer generation. I can’t wait for the male baby boomer pro-life establishment to be augmented and replaced by young women.

From a public speaking standpoint I want to point out some observations.

  • Lia has a great original introduction that grabs your attention and sets up the rest of the talk.
  • Lia uses short stories to impact her argument.
  • Lia doesn’t get bogged down in citing sources although she could briefly mention a few more particularly right before her statistical barrage towards the end.
  • Lia kept her message short.  If this talk were 10 minutes long she may have only received a few thousand views. As it is it has already received over 500k views.
  • Lia could have impacted the numbers a bit more. She shares a few statistics and the millions tend to get lost.What is the difference between 10 million and 45 million. Without impact they are both just big numbers.
  • Lia is authentic. This video would not have been as powerful if delivered by a 12 year old boy.
  • Lia is passionate without sounding extreme.
  • Lia is cute. Her attractiveness fosters attention.  Conservatives often overlook the importance of physical appearance in the arena of ideas. We prefer hard facts and cold reason. We get defeated by good looking actors who tell stories. Is it stupid? Sure. But its how the world works.
  • Lia stays focused on the main point and does not get distracted on side issues.

Those are my thoughts on the video. What do you think?