I have now been in Russia for four days and I love it here so far.

Here are some photos from my trip to Russia here. I will try to post more photos and videos as often as possible. If you would like updates emailed to you sign up for my email newsletter.


My last meal in Texas. The food here is so good I don’t miss Texas Bar B Que… Yet.


This is Dr. Imad N. Shehadeh the Senior Professor of Theology at the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary. JETS is the only Bible school in Jordan a Muslim country. He is doing research on the oldest Arabic translation of the New Testament(9th century). Arab scribes were the best in the world at that time and I can’t wait to read about his findings. He is an amazing man and I should have taken his picture before we spent 10 hours in the plane. After talking we found that we have a common friend. Small world.


The goodie bag British Airways gives its passengers. It has socks, toothbrush/paste, eye shades, headphones and more. The flight attendants are the most polite I have ever seen and they have such cool accents. If you ever have to fly long distance try to fly British Airways.

St Peter Statue

This is a famous statue of St. Peter. It is over 100 years old and the rock he is standing on is a single stone that was brought in from Finland. The tail helps support the statue for three point support.

First Meal in Russia

Here is my first meal in St. Petersburg Russia with Mike and Olga Cantrell. Yes that is Borscht. It was amazing. Every borscht is different. Here they sometimes add mayonnaise which adds a lot of zip to the flavor.  I hope to do a post just on Russian food later.