Russian Orphans

Two Russian orphans.

The biggest question I have received about my trip to Russia is “What is MIR?” No one has heard of it. To help answer that question I have put together the following video.

While in Russia I helped:

  • Setup a several new computers
  • Setup a new secure email system
  • Demoed the XO Laptop to orphanage directors (yes yes a post on XO Laptops is coming)
  • Secure the network.
  • Increase the network speed.
  • Setup auto backup.
  • Trouble shot numerous computer related issues
  • Setup
  • Setup Mir’s new website  (still a work in progress)
  • Tech training on how to process email more efficiently.
  • Training on how to use a Mac
  • Shot video footage for the Mir Video.
  • Setup a website for Street Cry (still a work in progress)
  • Edited the Mir Video.
  • Passed out tracts with the folks from StreetCry

I also drank a lot of tea at the Cantrell’s with my Russian Family and explored a winter war battlefield.

Russian Orphanage Director

Here I am filming an orphanage director. Her orphanage is interested in joining the XO-Laptop program. They are also involved in MIR's hosting program.