On December 10th 2009 the Texas Health District Board had a hearing on whether to approve funding to pay for abortions for poor Austin Women. Austin is the only town in Texas to use tax dollars to pay for abortions. About 1000 per year.

Prayer after the TCHD Vote to Fund Abortions in Travis County

My Sister and friends praying after the vote. Photo by Austin American Statesman.

We felt and still feel that this was a battle we could win. Harris County recently stopped funding abortions and we are sure Travis County will follow suit.

What Happened

About a dozen folks from ARC and half a dozen from my Monday Night Prayer group came to speak and pray for life. Of the 18 of us who registered to speak only Minda got the chance.  Of the 49 who registered to speak they council only let 12 speak.

Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortions

Of the people who testified many of the Pro-Lifers shared stories of how abortion had devastated their lives. Minda shared how Abortion is very much like slavery because of the depersonification of human persons that is used to justify it.

Most of the Pro-Choice speakers were middle aged women many of whom would receive a cut of the $450,000 that the counsel was about to dull out. Generation Y, my generation, is fed up with getting killed off by greedy, self centered Baby Boomers.

In the end the vote was unanimous to approve the abortion funding for one more year.

Why I’m Encouraged


The people on the left are pro-choice. The people on the right are in line to speak for life.

We will be back. If the enemy thinks he can discourage us into inaction he has grossly underestimated the power of the Holy Spirit and the persistence of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

The left is used to us going away when we loose (or win for that matter). This trend is over. We are not going anywhere.  We are already starting to organize for next year and we will get so many more people involved that they can’t help but hear us.

Kathyrn Grace Clarkson

Also, we are going to start engaging in the small local elections that impact this board. So few people vote for City Council and County Commissioners Court that it will not be hard to impact the vote.

We are going to find pro-life candidates, fund those candidates and elect those candidates.

10 Ways You Can Fight Tax Funded Abortions in Austin

There is a lot we can do to fight this.

  1. Sign up for the Texas Alliance for Life newsletter.This will keep you up to date.
  2. Get your friends registered to vote. I was able to get 10 people in my prayer group registered to vote. Just got by the library and get some voters registration cards and get your friends to register where they live.
  3. Become a fan of TAL on Facebook. This will keep you in the loop.
  4. Pray & Fast. The battle is a spiritual one as much as anything else.
  5. Suggest the TAL page to your friends. Important! Texas Alliance for Life is the organization that helps get the word out. When you sign up you will get location specific instructions and updates.
  6. Read the Strategy for the abolition of abortion. It will give you more details for how you can get involved.
  7. Vote in Pro-Life county commissioners and city council members. These elections have tiny turnouts and it wont be hard for us to sway the numbers.
  8. Move to Austin. One challenge is the pro-life people have moved out of the town to be around people like them. This has given the land to the pro-aborts. I live in Austin for a reason.
  9. Donate to Texas Alliance for Life. They need money to fight for the unborn. The City gives Abortion Providers more $ than TALs entire budget. Where you money is your heart will be also. If each of my blog readers gave $50 we could raise $50,000.
  10. Find pro-life videos on YouTube and share them on Facebook. Get the word out. Don’t let people ignore the problem.
We Will Be Back

We will be back!