Last year I made 9 predictions about 2009. My score for 2009 was 4 out of 9 predictions correct. Here are the predictions I made last year.

9 Predictions for 2009

Prediction 1

“Obama will pass the Fairness act but it will only apply to political talk. It will be the best thing to happen to the conservative movement. Conservative talk radio needs to die.”

Outcome: Fail! Obama chose to take over our health instead of our talk.

Prediction 2

“5 of my current blog readers will start their own Podcasts. One will hit the big time with his or her podcast.”

Outcome: Fail! the only person to start a Podcast this year was Raz Shafer.and his podcast has podfaded.

Prediction 3

“There will be continued violence in the middle east.”

Outcome: Half fail. Israel has been very peaceful this year although Iraq has been hotter than normal.

Prediction 4

“Texas will experience a major natural disaster of some kind.”

Outcome: Fail! And thank God for that.

Prediction 5

“The economy will end 2009 at about the same strength it began 2009. Win! The Dow is up about 1000 points but is about where it was a year ago.”

Outcome: Win! Who would have believed we would have been about the same after a year. We went down and we came back up.

Prediction 6

“Apple will buy Adobe.”

Outcome: Fail!

Prediction 7

“Obama will maintain ridiculously high support ratings while failing to get anything done other than the fairness act.”

Outcome: Half Win! Obama does not have ridiculously high ratings but he hasn’t gotten anything done either.

Prediction 8

Another Patriot Academy alum will declare intentions to run for something. Got this one right.

Outcome: Win! David Bellow declared that he is running for County Commissioner.

Prediction 9

“Half of you will start using Twitter.”

Outcome: Win! I think this was almost true. Many of you didn’t even know what Twitter was a year ago. Many of you started using Twitter but perhaps not half.

Ok so I don’t have a crystal ball and my predictions were lame. That is if you count predicting that violence in the middle east as a legitimate prediction. And now… Ten predictions for 2010.

10 Predictions for 2010

  1. Republicans will gain control of the house of representatives.
  2. Democrats will hold on to the Senate.
  3. Rick Perry will be reelected Governor
  4. Debra Medina will get over 15% of the vote.
  5. Old fashioned publishers will start to get gobbled by trendier conglomerates. And for an extra point I am predicting that Thomas Nelson will by Harvest House.
  6. The Apple Tablet will actually ship. It will be amazing and I will buy one 🙂
  7. The Google Andriod platform will gain 20% market share.
  8. The big product for 2010 will be the Kindle and the price will drop to $99 and sales of digital books will soar to over 70% of Amazon’s book sales.
  9. Google Chrome will gain 25% market shake but the mac version will still be in Beta.
  10. The Tea party will start to emerge as an actual party but will not put any candidates on the 2010 ballot. Look for tea party candidates in 2012.