I am not a fan of special sessions. I feel safest when the Texas legislature is at home. It’s a big deal for me to publicly call for a special session, but never has drastic action been more needed than right now.


(Photo Credit: Texas Tribune)

Update: Perry has called the special session! So there is no need to call Perry. These  reasons are why it was crucial that he called a second special session.

Reason #1: Mobs are Like Stray Dogs – Feed Them and They Will Never Leave

Last night the question was called with 15 minutes to spare. It takes about 3 minutes to vote, so there was plenty of time to pass SB5.

Enter the mob.

When the protesters saw that they had lost, there was an incredible outburst of anger from the Senate Gallery. They started shouting for the purpose of disrupting the vote. This is the sort of thing you would expect in the dying days of the Roman Republic, not the glory days of the Republic of Texas.

If we set a precedent of caving in to chaotic mobs, we will have no end of mobs. Soon every special interest will feel obliged to bring a mob to the capitol to get what they want. It is not hard to find a few hundred angry protesters in a state of 25 million people.

We don’t have mob rule in Texas, because Texans know they can make their voice heard in the ballot box. Giving into the mob undermines our entire governmental system. This precedent, if allowed to stand, would be a huge step towards anarchy and then despotism. Even if I were not in favor of this bill I would still be in favor of undermining mob rule by calling a second special session.

Reason #2: Giving Pro-Abortion Activists This Undeserved Victory Builds Democratic Momentum

Democratic policies have destroyed the economies of dozens of states and the lives of millions of babies. We cannot afford to let them wreak their havoc on Texas.

The buzz on Twitter was that last night Texas turned blue. I don’t believe that for a second, but I do believe Republicans will be in for a tough fight in November if the abortion movement is able to leverage this momentum into the ballot box.

One of the reasons Republicans have held the top spots in Texas government is because the Democrats were demoralized and had lost hope for victory. After last night they have new hope and their morale is at an all-time high.

A second special session would reverse this Democratic momentum.

The abortion activists put in a massive effort to fight SB5. I don’t think they can duplicate that effort for a second special session. Even if they could, the bill would still pass. The people of Texas have spoken and they want this bill.

A few angry protestors don’t represent this large state. Voters all over Texas elected an overwhelming pro-life majority to both the House and the Senate. The final House vote was 97-33, and the final Senate vote was 19-10. Last night was not “democracy in action” as the left would have you believe. It was was mob rule.

A loss on SB5 would demoralize the left as all their work would have gone for nothing. So we have a choice: a fired-up left or a demoralized left.

Reason #3: Babies! Babies! Babies!

Perry Special Session Pro-Life

If you thought the mob shouting last night was bad, imagine the silent screams of millions of tiny babies crying out in pain as they are torn apart in the womb. This is our best chance to save the lives of thousands of babies while also improving protections for women who have this risky surgical procedure.

This is not a game. The lives of children and women are at stake.

What would you do if it were your daughter (or granddaughter) at risk of being dismembered in the womb? Wouldn’t you want to take every possible step to save her?

Governor Perry, the babies of Texas need you to call another special session.

The word on the street is that the Governor’s staff is tallying calls right now trying to determine whether to call a special session.

Would you give the Governor’s office a quick call at 512.463.2000? Tell Perry “Resist Mob Rule, Defend Life, Call Another Special Session.”

After you call, will you share this post on Facebook so others will call as well?

Perry will respond if we give him enough calls. He is pro-life, he just needs to know we have his back. Remember, the left is calling too.

The pro-abortionists outnumbered us all weekend. Don’t let them outnumber us on Perry’s tally book.