A lot of money for the revolution came from loans from wealthy Americans. Some of these loans were never repaid. Other Americans took on grave financial setbacks to support the war. Their houses were burned, their ships were confiscated and their businesses destroyed. They sacrificed for the cause of liberty.

The Left has some significant financial backers. Ted Turner gives millions if not billions to progressive causes and he leverages his multi billion-dollar media empire to advance a liberal worldview via movies, news, TV and the internet. But we are not unfunded. Our Leader owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He speaks to millions of people in His heavenly empire.

As a pro-life movement, we need people who are willing to acquire and leverage fast fortunes to advance the pro-life cause. Like the other positions, this takes true devotion.

We need elderly people to will their fortunes to protect the next generation. We need churches to contribute to pregnancy care centers. We need people to buy or build media empires that can offer free publicity to pro-life organizations.  We need to use the financial resources that God has given us to advance His purposes. The pro-life movement always seems to be hurting for money and this should not be. God has blessed us with great wealth. We need to put it to good use.

Denominational Coordinator

Almost every denomination, with the exception of the Quakers, and the Church of England, backed the war for independence. Pastors preached on liberty and the whole nation fasted and prayed that God would bring victory.

The Denominational Coordinator works within a system of churches to get the members of those churches motivated around the pro-life cause. Lou Engle does that for some charismatic churches.

We pray that God will raise up Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran and Nondenominational versions of him. We need people from every denomination to spearhead prayer and action. If we want to win this battle we must win it in the heavenlies first. Denominational Liaisons need to work together. This would take an act of God and is be a good point for prayer.

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