Minute Man

Not everyone is called to advance the cause of the unborn full time. Nor does everyone need to. One of the things that most helped the war for independence was the host of part time volunteers called minutemen. These men were ready at a moments notice to show up where they were needed. They were willing to do anything even lay down their lives if need be.

If you are not called to serve full time here are some part time things you can do:

  1. Pray for the Pro Life movement. Pray that it will make headway soon. Pray for its leadership.
  2. Vote for and support Pro Life candidates at all levels of government. Often elected officials move up the political ladder. So even though they cannot enact change at present, they might at some point in the future. The more elected officials we have on our side, the greater the possibility of getting legislation favorable to the Pro Life cause passed, signed, enacted and upheld.
  3. Donate to Pro Life causes.
  4. Support pro-life businesses whose proceeds fund (at least in part) a Pro Life organization.
  5. Request or donate Pro Life books and videos to local, libraries.
  6. Befriend a woman who has had an abortion. Many women regret their decision to abort. Even if they don’t, abortion leaves deep scars on the mothers. It seems that we will get further in our cause, if we can compassionately win over as many as possible. A number of abortion-turned-life-advocates would definitely make people (including elected officials) sit up and take notice.
  7. Contact elected officials about pro-life legislation and sign pro-life petitions. Imagine what would happen if we had a host of part time pro-life lobbyists. There are a number of pro-life organizations that can keep you informed about what is going on politically and who to contact when.
  8. Write a thank you note to pro-life leaders. It will encourage them to keep up the good work and encourage them to vote that way again.
  9. Encourage your church to observe Sanctity of Human Life Sunday which is the third Sunday in January.
  10. Write regarding pro-life issues either as a letter to the editor, an email forward or a blog post.

No one can do everything. But everyone can do something. No contribution is too small.

What do you think?

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